About Yingkou XingfuYingkou Xingfu Chemical Co., Ltd . was founded in 2014, is a professional, innovative fine chemical production enterprises.

Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction

Yingkou Xingfu Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yingkou Xingfu) was founded in 2014, is a professional, innovative fine chemical production enterprises...

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Vision:To become the best and even the world's most competitive and well-known fine ...

Organizational Structure

Organizational StructureYingkou Xingfu is committed to the corporate responsibility of social citizenship and sustainable development

Historical Development

Historical DevelopmentIn 2020, Panjin VYX High Performance Material Co., Ltd. was established (affiliated enterprise of Yingkou Xingfu Chemical Co., Ltd.)

LocationThe company has two subsidiaries: Panjin Baoyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Dalian Xingfu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact Us

Contact Us
Emergency Telephone (HSE) 
Tel.: +86 (0) 417 5795331

Contact Us

Address:  Non-ferrous Road No. 46-1, Yingkou Big Stone Bridge Non-ferrous Metal Chemical Industrial Park, Yingkou 115100, Liaoning, China
Tel.: +86 (0) 417 5795255
Fax: +86 (0) 417 5795255
Mailbox:  service@xingfu-chem.com


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