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Brief Introduction

Yingkou Xingfu Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yingkou Xingfu) was founded in 2014, is a professional, innovative fine chemical production enterprises. Relying on its innovative core technology and efficient operating model, Yingkou Xingfu provides customers with integrated value-added services throughout the products' life cycle,  from lab trials to commercial production in the range of high-performance polymers, pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals and special chemicals. 

Yingkou Xingfu Chemical Co., Ltd.

The company has two subsidiaries: Panjin Baoyu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Dalian Xingfu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. 
Yingkou Xingfu was named high-tech enterprise in 2019.
All design and construction of Yingkou Xingfu follows the highest standards in the petrochemical industry
Total investment of Yingkou Xingfu is more than RMB 450 million so far
Head count 312 so far
The total volume of main reactors 1,300 m³,the annual capacity 10,000 mt/a
Yingkou Xingfu business continues to grow steadily in the past several years with the support of the customers’ terminal market development as well as customers’ support and trust.
Yingkou Xingfu always pursues the harmonious development of employees, enterprises and social environment, and insists on combining international ESHQ management system with national safety production standardization.
Yingkou Xingfu is committed to the corporate responsibility of social citizenship and sustainable development, strives to create the greatest economic, environmental and social benefits for customers, employees, shareholders and all correlated stakeholders.

Contact Us

Address:  Non-ferrous Road No. 46-1, Yingkou Big Stone Bridge Non-ferrous Metal Chemical Industrial Park, Yingkou 115100, Liaoning, China
Tel.: +86 (0) 417 5795255
Fax: +86 (0) 417 5795255
Mailbox:  service@xingfu-chem.com


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