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Consortium Of Medical Engineering And Dental Colleges Of Karnataka

The Karnataka Private Medical & Dental Colleges Association, in their endeavour to offer an effective, fair and objective testing procedure to determine merit of students seeking admission to the member institutions, have formed Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka (COMEDK). COMEDK has been assigned the task of organising a common entrance test for the academic year 2014-2015, for Indian national candidates aspiring to pursue Post Graduate Courses in Medicine and Dentistry in the state of Karnataka, in Member Institutions of the Consortium (Medical and Dental Colleges).

COMEDK is the Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka to determine the merit of students seeking admissions to the undergraduate courses in the Member Institutions of the Karnataka Professional Colleges Foundation Trust (KPCF) in its endeavor to offer an effective, fair, transparent and non-exploitative testing procedure. There are 12 Medical, 19 Dental colleges who make available almost 600 seats for admission. COMEDK has been assigned the task of organizing a Common Entrance Test for the academic year 2014-2015.

PG / PG Diploma Programs:
Applicants must meet all requirements stipulated by MCI / DCI. Accordingly, they should have successfully passed their M.B.B.S. / B.D.S. from an institution recognized by MCI / DCI, and must have completed or completing their internship by 30/04/2014 at the latest.
As per the Existing Post Graduate Regulation of Medical Council of India and Dental Council of India, the minimum percentage of marks in the Entrance Test (COMEDK PGET-2014) for eligibility and admission to Post Graduate Courses shall be 50% for General Merit candidates and 40% for the candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes (All India) and Other Backward Classes belonging to Karnataka State only.
Every student, selected for admission to the Post Graduate Medical / Dental course in any of the Medical / Dental institutions in the country, must possess recognized M.B.B.S. / B.D.S. degree or equivalent qualification and should have obtained permanent registration with the Medical Council of India / Dental Council of India, or any of the State Medical / Dental Council or should obtain the same within one month from the date of admission, failing which the admission of the candidate shall be cancelled.
In the case of an Indian national with the recognized degree from Foreign University, the Medical Council of India / Dental Council of India may, on payment of the prescribed fee for the registration, grant temporary/permanent registration for the duration of the Post Graduate training restricted to the college / institution to which the applicant is admitted for the time being exclusively for Post Graduate studies. Temporary/Permanent registration to such candidates shall be subject to the condition that the degree is duly registered in the country where the degree is obtained and is recognized by the corresponding Council or concerned authority in India also.
Note: Only Candidates who are due to complete the internship on or before 30/04/2014 are eligible.
Candidates who have appeared for COMEDK PGET during the last three years and selected a clinical PG Degree Seat (Medical/Dental) and got admitted to any of the COMEDK Member Institutions are NOT allowed to appear for COMEDK PGET-2014.
Candidates who have been debarred by COMEDK during the previous years are NOT allowed to appear for COMEDK PGET-2014.

Let CEREC Make Your Dental Appointments Easier!

In order to get a crown fitted, the patient may have to make multiple appointments, which also means having to endure multiple injections. They may also have to wear a temporary fitting for weeks until the permanent fitting is ready. To make matters worse, these dental restorations can look jarring or awkward, especially if they are made of metal. Opting for a CEREC dentist not only makes the average dental appointment easier on you, it can make your smile look better too!

Technology in Dentistry

Technological innovations and advancements happen regularly in the field of dentistry. In many cases, these innovations wont make the average dental appointment easier to deal with. CEREC is an innovation that could actually revolutionize the way we view visits to the dentist. The term stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic Restoration.

Normally, when a patient needs a new crown fitted, the dentist needs to take an impression of the area. This, along with other important specifications is sent to an outside laboratory, where the permanent crown is made by a technician. This is the main reason why a lot of dental restoration work takes so much time – the actual piece is made outside the dentists office.

In very basic terms, CEREC brings the laboratory right into the dentists office. Instead of a technician, the dentist creates the dental restorations himself. Using 3D photography and special design software, the restoration can be made and fine-tuned on the computer. Once it is ready, a milling machine with computer-controlled diamond head-cutters will carve the piece out of a block of ceramic. When its ready, the dentist fits it onto the tooth using resin. With that, the entire restoration work is complete, in a single sitting.

A Crowning Smile

CEREC crowns are made of milled porcelain, which is relatively stronger than porcelain crowns that are pressed or layered. This method also allows the dentist to create a restoration that is a closer match to your natural tooth color and shape. In many cases, CEREC also means that your practitioner can save as much of the healthy part of the tooth as possible. Since the restoration is bound to the tooth using resin, the dentist can take X-rays to check on the health of the underlying tooth.

Since CEREC can reduce the number of dental appointments for crown work to a single sitting, it also means that the patient only has to have a single set of injections. There is no need to repeatedly re-schedule your week to accommodate multiple appointments. With Ceramic Restorations, most dental restoration work can be completed in a single sitting. Not only will your smile look better, you will get that great-looking smile in a faster and easier way than before!

The Lines In My Forehead Whats The Best Way To Remove The Lines In My Forehead Naturally

How do I remove the lines in my forehead without Botox or surgery is a question I am asked more and more these days and there is a really effective solution. It is just a matter of finding the right natural ingredients to use for excellent and long lasting results.

Botox or surgery is an effective solution but painful, expensive and only temporary, commonly having to be performed every six months. I also feel people tend to look too pulled and unnatural after this so a natural solution is the best choice.

Unfortunately, most of the skin care to get rid of forehead lines out there is ineffective as you may have found, and just contains so many harmful additives that can actually age your skin over time like parabens and mineral oil.

When you ask how can I get rid of the lines in my forehead effectively, I suggest looking away from the mainstream forehead wrinkle creams and lotions and to the lesser known companies to provide you with exceptional results.

One of the very best is called Cynergy TK, an extract from sheeps wool.
This is a breakthrough in skin care as it stimulates your body to produce more collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for younger looking skin, helping to remove forehead lines and wrinkles and importantly, stop them from returning.

It prevents them from returning through its powerful antioxidants which fight the free radicals which damage healthy skin and lead to disease and premature aging. This help you maintain healthy skin and also boosts your immune system too.

Another great one is Babassu wax from the Amazon rainforest which gently moisturizes, softens and soothes your skin and is great for both oily and dry complexions. It forms an invisible barrier to keep out everyday dirt and grime while locking in the moisture.

Others to look out for include Phytessence wakame, natural vitamin E and natural oils like Grapeseed and Avocado. All these can combine to not only remove those forehead lines and wrinkles but improve your overall health too.

So next time you ask yourself how do I get rid of the lines in my forehead, you will know the most effective and natural ingredients to use to give you exceptional results that last.

The Best Anti Wrinkle Face Moisturizer Contains Natural Ingredients Proven To Work!

Are you tired of looking for an effective anti wrinkle face moisturizer that helps reverse the visible signs of aging? Let’s face it, we can’t stop the aging process but it can be delayed using the right products.

Let’s have a look first at why skin ages to get a better understanding of what to avoid and what to look for in a quality moisturizer.

We’ve all heard and seen ads about collagen added lotions and creams (save your money because they don’t work). But, what hasn’t been explained is why we need collagen.

As our skin ages our bodies produce less collagen and elastin proteins. Those two proteins are vital because they’re responsible for young looking skin.

Another thing the collagen and elastin proteins do is keep our skin healthy and moisturized. Therefore, we certainly need more collagen and elastin to counterbalance skin aging.

However, those skin care moisturizer collagen added lotions and creams don’t work and I’ll tell you why. Collagen can’t penetrate into the skin.

That’s right, as much as you slather on all that lotion with collagen added it doesn’t penetrate. It’s a scientific fact that collagen protein molecules are far too large to be absorbed through your skin’s pores.

So, just save your money on the marketing hype about collagen added products, and remember that a quality anti wrinkle face moisturizer doesn’t contain collagen and elastin.

In turn, here’s a truly effective anti wrinkle face cream that contains natural ingredients clinically tested and proven to help your body stimulate more of its own collagen production. Not added collagen but natural ingredients that boost your body’s production of collagen.

After extensively researching quality skin care products, an anti wrinkle face moisturizer that has clinically tested ingredients shown (on human volunteers) to boost natural collagen and elastin production.

Other benefits from these ingredients have also been shown: to increase the production of new skin cells; dramatically turn back wrinkles; and sustained improvements in skin moisture and elasticity.

College Graduate Healthcare Choices

Now that graduation is over, a lot of young people are starting to pursue their potential career in different fields. Sometimes, a few of them are freak out for some uncertainties of what their future can offer them. There are various vivid prospects for job seekers but it takes time to search for the best first perfect job. For those college graduates who are insured of plans for health either college or family health insurance, soon they may find themselves devoid of health insurance.

While you are surfing from some job websites and updating your resume, consider to have an affordable health insurance plan. There are some tips that you have to bear in mind in containing college insurance healthcare choices.

1.Know your choices – these are options for college graduate healthcare choices that enables all college graduates to choose from coverage options: Employer health insurance based – be sure to understand and know the work benefits and the required contribution towards the medical care and coverage costs. Individually purchased healthcare insurance – this option is for young adults with healthy physiques. This healthcare coverage is an affordable option. More than 180 companies of health insurance offer many individual healthcare plans. Parents’ healthcare plan – the reforms of health care allows young adults until twenty-six years old under the insurance policy of their parents. High-risk government pools – this option is due to the pre-existing medical condition and for declined coverage. Short-term college graduate healthcare choices – good for merely six months and for people who wants protection during emergencies.

2.Taking advantage of your health insurance reform – this help college graduates to purchase their own insurance policies.

Limited lifetime dollars on coverage done with most of the medical services. Most of the family and individual plans give front coverage for specified services in preventive care. High pool risks established for people with medical conditions that are qualified for their own coverage.

3.No expected free ride – this option have no freebies and universal coverage. 4.Check the calculations before staying with your parent’s plan – the most tempting option is to stick with your parents’ plan. However, you have to be aware that staying with your parents plan is too expensive in terms of premiums.

5.Newfound freedom means new budget – new life of independence requires a number of unfamiliar and new expenses. Planning for your monthly and weekly budget is a very good idea. Make sure that you save some money to pay for your insurance policy.

6.Understand the plan costs of health insurance are monthly premium and its college graduate healthcare choices – be reminded that the cost of real life of different healthcare plan is over the premiums you paid monthly for the coverage maintenance. Thus, you have to keep an eye to your annual deductions since this is required in meeting your coverage to kick in plus the coinsurance and co-payments. Coinsurance defined as paying the bill percentage while the insurer opts for the rest.

Read more details about high risk pools and college graduate healthcare choices.

Medicare Supplement Leads from GT Leads Generation

As a Medicare Supplement agent, you must have already tried various methods of generating leads. You must have also come across companies galore; companies that claim to provide you with best quality leads. In reality there are only few companies that can provide you with quality leads. You need to find leads that do have some potential of closing.

There are certain areas that you need to be investigating before zeroing on a certain company. Make sure that the leads are not generated only through the method of generic insurance form. The leads that are generated through this method are not always eligible for looking for Medicare supplement quotes. The best Medicare Supplement lead generating companies will always have a dedicated Medicare Supplemental Insurance form. These forms help the companies to find out the requirements of the leads in detail.

The things that can be found out through these forms include; if the consumer is looking for Medigap or Medicare advantage; if he or she is covered under Medicare A and B; and all other relevant details. Once you are equipped with all the essential details of a consumer; contacting him or her becomes relatively easier.

The portal that you choose must not employ the same formulas for lead generation as used in generating health insurance leads. These methods include email marketing and search marketing methods. But not every senior citizen can be considered as a prospective Medicare Supplement lead. The ideal methods are the ones that target people who are exclusively looking for Medicare Supplement policies.

Once you have come across the best Medicare Supplement leads, you need to pursue them. You must also develop certain skills that are especially required for insurance like these. You can look for portals that provide online training regarding these. Knowing the right methods of approaching the Medicare Supplement leads will help you get more sales on your business.

You must never get into any long term or short term contracts with any of the lead generation companies. You must also be considering the fees that you have to provide. GT is such a company which generates low cost and affordable Medicare Supplement leads and that too at an affordable price. The company takes care of all the essential aspects of Medicare Supplement lead generation. The leads that they provide are not used or recycled; they are fresh and prospective. The leads need not be shared and will be exclusively yours. The leads are updated every 90 days; so, you need not worry about the validity of the leads. You can straightaway concentrate on the conversion part of the business.

The pre-screened and verified leads that you get with are difficult to avail through any other company in the market. This is the reason that Go Telemarketing happens to be the best trusted amongst insurance agents and agencies. Once you have availed the service of this company, all you need to worry about is how you will be approaching the leads; so that you can get sales out of them.

Diseases Of The Eye In Chinese Tibetan Medicine

Chinese Tibetan MedicineTibetan medicine has a unique way of dealing with the eyes. It is claimedthat the eye can be divided into four palaces, namely, the Bone Palace thatprotects the eye from external danger; the Fat Palace, a white wheel tissue thatprotects the eyeball; the Queen Palace of the Pupil in the form of a bee hive and a thin membrane transparent like a crystal mirror; and the Water Palace in the middle of the eye, full of transparent fluid.
The etiology of eye disorder includes immoderate diets, daily life, causing abnormality of the blood and mkhris pa. The disorders are of 2 types, cold and heat. Heat type eye disorders are mainly caused by over-consumption of onion, garlic, sour wine, and decayed flesh, resulting in excessive mkhris pa in the blood; the cold type is mainly due to immoderate eating in general leading to exuberant badkan and rlung Disease.
Eye disorders come in five kinds, eye palpebra, trachoma (sandy eyes), nebula,blurring, and cataract (eye barrier).

Palpebral disorder: caused by affected rlung manifested by lachrymation,with a gritty sensation like sand in the eyes; secretion of purulent mucus or even blood may occur. In case mkhris pa is affected, the eyes will be reddened and painful, with itching and sometimes erosion and pus; when the blood is affected, the eye pain is severe, with a small rash distributed over the whole area; when badkan is affected, there are white spots in the eye, and, although not very painful, the palpebra are stuck together by mucus; when the three elements of flung, mkhris pa, and badkan are all affected, the eyelashes curl back and the eyes become swollen; burning pain, lachrymation and dilatation of the pupil may also occur.
There are two kinds of trachoma (sandy eye), namely damp and dry. Dry trachoma manifests itself in dry eyes, with burning and astringent pain, lachrymation when facing the wind; damp trachoma manifests itself in photophobia, burning pain, and lachrymation when facing wind.
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Probiotic Mouth Rinse For Good Dental Health

New Natural Product
Don’t give up! Finally, there is an organic product to assist you in breaking down that sticky biofilm, even if you’ve deemed yourself as genetically plaque-challenged. Probiotics can help balance the bacteria in your mouth, reduce plaque, minimize bad breath and even brighten your smile.

What Are Probiotics?
Probiotics – the word means “pro life”. Probiotics are sometimes referred to as friendly microbes or good bacteria. You may have heard about “live and active cultures” in yogurt. Probiotics (something few people had even ever heard of a year ago) are now categorized among the top five items that people say they want to add to their deits according to a Chicago-based company that tracks consumer trends. Probiotics are just beginning to catch U.S. consumer attention after years of sales and wide consumption in Europe and Asia.

Scientists have demonstrated that when used in the mouth probiotics can be helpful in controlling the buildup of pathogens that cause dental disease. Cavities and gingivitis are the result of pathogens attacking spoiled food particles. Probiotics control growth of the pathogens because they compete for same spoiled food particles. This process is called competitive exclusion. Probiotics also lower the pH of the mouth so that plaque bacteria cannot form dental plaque and calculus that causes periodontal disease.

What Causes Plaque?
When food, especially food that contains carbohydrates, sugars and starches, is left on the teeth after eating, the bacteria that normally live in the mouth thrive on these foods and begin to colonize the tooth surface. Some tooth surfaces are very hard to reach by mechanical means such as the tooth brush. In these areas microbes can accumulate and multiply unhindered.

What Makes Some People’s Plaque Build Up Faster?
On any given day, the average adult produces about three pints of saliva. Dry mouth is caused by decreased output of saliva by the three pairs of glands in the mouth. It can also occur as a common side effect of many prescription and nonprescription drugs used to treat depression, anxiety,, pain, allergies and colds (antihistamines and decongestants), obesity, acne, epilepsy, hypertension (diuretics), diarrhea, nausea, psychotic disorders, urinary incontinence, asthma (certain bronchodilators), and Parkinson’s disease. If you are frequently thirsty, often have a sticky feeling in your mouth, frequently get sores in your mouth or chapped lips, or notice that your tongue and throat feel dry – you may be suffering from dry mouth. Dry mouth will increase your chance for tooth decay and mouth infections because saliva exerts two effects on plaque. First, it dilutes and carries away metabolites diffusing out of the plaque. Second it supplies bicarbonate ions which diffuse into plaque and neutralize the by-products of the organic acids in the mouth.

Why Should I Care About Plaque?
Scientists have linked plaque to the formation of dental caries (cavities) and to various periodontal diseases. It is important to realize that the microbes in dental plaque are naturally found in the mouth and are normally harmless. Nonetheless, when plaque in not removed by proper tooth brushing and flossing it builds up and forms a thick extracellular matrix that contains proteins, long chain polysaccharides and lipids. The microbes in the plaque are mostly the bacteria Streptococcus mutans and the anaerobes Fusobacterium and Actinobacteria. The microorganisms at the bottom of the layer of plaque, those closest to the tooth surface, must convert to anaerobic respiration because they cannot get enough oxygen. They begin to produce acids that eat at the minerals in the enamel of the tooth. Saliva cannot penetrate the plaque and neutralize or weaken the acid. Over time a cavity forms and the gums become irritated. The plaque can actually mineralize and form a yellow layer called calculus or tartar.

If the layer of plaque and tartar gets hardened and thick a tooth brush cannot remove it. Routine dental visits are then necessary so that the build up can be removed with specialized sharp instruments. If the plaque and tartar are not routinely removed they cause inflammation of the gums. This condition is called gingivitis.

Calculus can form both above and below the gum line and can often lead to other problems including bad breath, receding gums and swollen or bleeding gum tissue. If the condition persists it can lead to loss of connective tissue fiber that attach the gum to the teeth. At this advanced stage the condition is called periodontitis. Periodontitis has also been linked to cardiovascular disease and mothers who give birth to pre-term low weight babies.

Probiotics and Plaque Prevention
Use of a probiotic mouth rinse can help prevent plaque buildup in the mouth. The viable bacillus microbes (probiotics) in the rinse break down the sticky biofilm that begins to form along the gum line and between teeth. A probiotic mouth rinse is a healthy and natural addition to your brushing and flossing regime. A mouth rinse can reach places that are hard to reach by mechanical means. Regular use after brushing and flossing will leave teeth feeling squeaky clean and over time will naturally whiten and brighten your smile.

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Obtain The Brightest Smile With These Dental Treatments Ideas

These days, dental hygiene has grown to be something of a lost art. Because of the hustle and bustle people have with their everyday lives, proper teeth maintenance often goes with the wayside. Luckily to suit your needs, the following article contains some great tips and tricks as to how you can get healthy, bright looking teeth very quickly./p>

Make certain you’re brushing your teeth properly. If you’re not performing it the correct way, there’s not a whole lot use in brushing your teeth. You need to make certain you’re brushing for about two minutes. Don’t be frightened to inquire about your dentist if you’re unclear about regardless of whether you’re brushing your teeth correctly.

Avoid snacking on carbs when possible. Potato chips and other salty snacks will never be simple to remove from the teeth. If you have to have a snack, choose some fruits or some other healthy food. Clean your teeth immediately afterward when you can, or plan on spending additional time flossing later.

Eat fresh fruits instead of dried fruit to safeguard your teeth’s health. Dried fruit sticks to the teeth, exposing these to more sugar and creating more cavities. Should you must eat dried fruit, make sure to brush, floss and rinse as quickly as possible after food so that you reduce the potential risk of cavities.

Consider purchasing a power toothbrush or electric flosser. These types of dental equipment are frequently better at removing debris from the teeth and gums since they use vibrations to assist dislodge food particles and also other things through your teeth. Electric flossers are particularly helpful as they are often simpler to get involving the teeth than a standard flosser.

Go to a dentist or use over the counter goods that whiten teeth. Some can actually harm your teeth. There are several which can be safe, but it’s really hard to distinguish between both the. Your dentist is an excellent resource for yourself.

Confer with your dentist immediately about any changes you notice within your mouth. Whether it be sudden increased sensitivity to cold, a dull ache or an odd spot that won’t go away on its own, your dentist knows the difference from a simple trouble with teeth and major underlying health issues. Call right away to report any such problems.

Use a tiny amount of toothpaste when you brush. While it may seem like more toothpaste would clean teeth better, it does not. The phrase, “less is more” is most effective when brushing your teeth. You only need a pea-sized volume of toothpaste in the center of your toothbrush for optimal cleaning.

Drink three glasses of milk each day for the healthy smile. Milk is rich in calcium, which your teeth need, and it may also help with keeping your teeth white. If you would like have the brightest, healthiest smile around you will end up likely to drink your three eight ounce servings of milk every day.

You are able to remove 99% more plaque out of your teeth by utilizing oral irrigators. Try using this piece of equipment as an alternative to flossing, as it is more efficient. These device use pressurized water streams to acquire in between your teeth where brushing alone can’t reach. Your chances of optimal gum health will also be increased by 93% employing this device.

So as to keep your teeth in good condition, you should try to brush your teeth after every meal. Brushing your teeth can help you to remove any food that is certainly stuck. Brushing after meals can also help to avoid plaque from developing. If you cannot brush after after meal, attempt to brush at least 2 times each day.

If you need to have got a dental procedure, try not to stress out regarding this. Or what should be achieved, many people avoid visiting the dentist as they are fearful of exactly what the dentist may say. Should you avoid going to the dentist, you may end up getting bigger problems than you originally had.

Utilize an electric toothbrush to brush. A power toothbrush moves the brush head in a greater speed than what you can achieve when using a manual brush. The additional movement of your brush head cleans your teeth more effectively along with less effort. You can utilize your manual toothbrush when you brush between meals when not in the home.

Your teeth are used for much more than simply chewing your food, it is therefore of the utmost importance that you just take care of them. Make sure you implement the advice that you’ve just read from the article above. Your teeth will be brighter and healthier very quickly.

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Managing Healthcare Activities Through Healthcare Educational Courses

Healthcare industry in India is growing fast which has made people to be more and more health conscious so that they can have healthy living for themselves and their family members. Medical facilities are also getting smarter as per the latest technologies, which cater to specific needs of the patients. This has in turn given rise to the demand of healthcare professionals who can manage the burden of healthcare related activities and provide timely service as and when required. Various institutes have launched healthcare management education courses that make the students to understand the importance of healthcare industry and its allied services. Courses are designed accordingly which give detailed understanding of the job role of executives involved in this sector.

The basic idea of all the courses lies in making the students to understand that the healthcare is not just related to hospitals it is now related to pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics, information technology, medical equipments manufacturing and supply as well. PGD Health Care Management course gives thorough understanding of management techniques applied in hospital and healthcare organizations. This course does not limit the study to mere medical terms; it gives broad vision and takes the thought level to different direction which includes management skills. The duration of this course is ten months. By doing this course one can expand the job opportunities as well. Aspiring executives should scroll down the job portals that offer lucrative jobs offers in clinics, healthcare associations, nursing homes, hospitals, consulting firms, rehabilitation centers, colleges, universities and many more areas.

Simultaneously MBA in Health Care Management prepares the students with the solid background of effective management skills. They also have ample of chance to in various sectors apart from healthcare industry. Multinational companies are in search of doctors; consultants who are carry out or supervise wellness programs run for the wellness of their employees. Management course trains the students to plan and implement new innovations which helps in providing solutions to the pain areas. These courses are specifically designed to handle all the activities that lead to customer satisfaction. These courses acquaint the students with managerial activities i.e. business administration, stock management, healthcare services, pharmaceutical management by giving them leadership experience.

Graduates or final year students with background unrelated to medicine like engineering, commerce or economics can also opt for these courses. MBA in Health Care Management course is designed with international standpoint which in turn increases the chances of getting the jobs worldwide. Person with sound knowledge can earn a faculty position in hospital administration department in medical colleges or health institutions. PGD Health Care Management course also imparts training on utility services and quality management. It also notifies its students with National health policies. Health institutions also run workshops, seminars and presentations which help the students to discover the current stage of healthcare industry. By being part of these workshops candidates get a chance to meet various healthcare industry specialists.