Chinese Herb Medicine For Renal Failure

Most of people are familiar with western medicine, but they know little about Chinese medicine. Actually, Chinese medicine, or rather Chinese herb medicine, has its own characteristic curative effect in treating renal failure. Read on to know more about this ancient but effective therapy.

What is Chinese herb medicine?

As its name suggests, Chinese herb medicine is mainly composed of herbs. Also animal parts or insects are involved in some prescriptions. One prescription contains at least 3 types of herbs. Each herb has its own effect and interaction of all herbs has other effects.

How does Chinese herb medicine treat renal failure?

People with renal failure have two damaged kidneys. The damaged kidneys are characteristic of severe fibrosis, which causes the death of kidneys eventually. Due to ischemia and anoxia of renal cells and tissues, the kidneys become fibrosis gradually and die eventually. Generally speaking, Chinese herb medicine treats renal failure by stopping the progression of renal fibrosis and repairing the damaged renal functional cells.

Stop the progression of renal fibrosis

Chinese herb medicine stops the progression for renal fibrosis in the following aspects:

1) Remove harmful factors that can speed up fibrosis. Such factors include inflammation, blood clot, blood viscosity and extra cellular matrixes. Some herb medicines have effects of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation as well as preventing blood viscosity and degrading extra cellular matrixes. Therefore, they are able to remove such harmful factors. And thereby ischemia and anoxia improve. Naturally, the progression of fibrosis is stopped.

2) Clear up metabolic wastes in the blood. Metabolic wastes are continuously produced in our body. Healthy kidneys can filter the blood and excrete them out. However, the damaged kidneys cannot work normally, resulting in accumulation of such metabolic wastes, such as creatinine, uric acid, urea, etc. Such wastes will lead to ischemia and anoxia of kidneys, so they need to be cleared up timely. Besides, immune complex, IgA, IgG or others in autoimmune kidney disease also can be cleared up by Chinese herb medicine.

Repair the damaged renal functional cells.

Chinese herb medicine repairs the damage renal functional cell in the following aspects:

1) Improve micro blood circulation. Some Chinese herbs have the function of improving blood circulation. A good blood circulation provides an ideal milieu for repairing cells.

2) Provide necessary ingredients for the repair progress. Chinese herbs can supply vitamin, micronutrients, organic acid, etc.

3) Stimulate DNA replication of the damaged cells, thus speeding up the progress of cells self-repair.

4) Regulate immune system. Chinese herb medicine can help to regulate immune system. This is also important for people with renal failure. As we know patients have weak immunity. Under such circumstances, they are easy to attacked by virus and then develop some disease.

The curative effect

In most case, patients have a great improvement after receiving Chinese herb medicine. Within one month, proteinuria, hematuria, edema and anemia are cured; patients dont need to take many types of anti-hypertensive medicines as before, and some people even dont have to take them any longer. Within 3 to 6 months, kidney function improves. Some patients on dialysis dont have to undergo frequent dialysis as before. Of course, there also exist some cases without good curative effects. After all, individual difference exists. Patients have different physique, illness condition, self-nursing care and so on.


If you are patients with renal failure, you are suggested to take Chinese herb medicine into consideration. It is very likely to help you avoid dialysis by repairing your damaged kidneys and thereby improving you kidney function.