commercialization of medicare

This is in response to news -Nursing homes commercialize hysterectomy’Gullible Women Fall Prey To Medicos’ -Greed- First of all I would like to express thanks to whole team of Greater Kashmir for carrying this all important report in the news paper. It is secondary issue whether appearance of the issue in the paper will make any difference or not, but the famous line perhaps suits well to the paper – Apna to Kaam Hai Jilatay Rahay Chira : Rastay Main Chahey Dost ya Dushman ka Ghar Milay..- The news item depicts the pathetic and silly condition of Kashmir society particularly of Medicare in the valley. It not only greedy doctors and owners of private nursing homes who are responsible for the mess of Medicare in valley but also those persons are equally responsible who prefer private nursing homes over well equipped government hospitals . In our society it has become craze to visit private clinics and nursing homes. Going private nursing homes is looked with prestige in our society no matter how well equipped a private nursing home is. Those who visit these private nursing homes do not bother to think for a while whether these private nursing homes have doctors with required degree and qualifications, Anesthesiologist, blood bank, blood transfusion facilities, ventilators, child specialists (where babies are being delivered) and so on. It is interesting to mention that when some patients have any complication while operation or surgery they are being referred to Lal Ded hospital or J. V.C Bemina Srinagar and most of the time these patients do not survive due delay in proper medication and transportation. Many of the readers may not digest my argument as private nursing homes are mostly attended by middle class of our society who or mostly schooled (educated) or affiliated to schooled families. But I will come back with few lines of Herbert Marcuse that capitalist societies creates -false needs, which integrated individuals into the existing system of production and consumption via mass media, advertising, industrial management, and contemporary modes of thought. This results in a “one-dimensional” universe of thought and behaviour, in which aptitude and ability for critical thought and oppositional behaviour wither away-. The survey by the state’s Health Department has studied only prevalence of hysterectomy in women – surgical removal of the Uterus – in these private nursing homes. What about the Child delivery and other surgeries? While looking in the holistic perspective these private nursing homes have turned abattoirs besides commercial hubs, where patients are not only looted but mercilessly slaughtered.