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Technological Capability

The experienced professional technical personnel are dedicated to the development of safe, economic, practical process technology, optimize the existing process and apply them to production practice.
Our technicians provide technical safety assessment for potential risks and hazards in commercial production and necessary support for the optimization of chemical engineering.
Yingkou Xingfu has reached agreements on the technical exchanges and cooperation with domestic first-class universities and famous scientific research institutes.

Yingkou Xingfu is good at the following chemical reactions in commercial production scale:

★  Amination
★  Bromination
★  Carbonylation
★  Catalytic Hydrogenation
★  Chlorination
★  Cyanation (NaCN, CuCN)
★  Diazotization
★  Esterification
★  Fluorination (KF & anhydrous HF)
★  Friedel-Crafts Reaction
★  Grignard Reaction
★  Nitration
★  Oxidation
★  Phosgenation
★  Photo-chlorination
★  Reduction
★  Sulfonation
★  Wittig Reaction

Temperature range : - 70°C up to 330°C
Pressure range: - 1 mbar up to 120 bar

Technological Capability

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