Discount Frontline Medicine And Its Application On Large Dogs

Anyone who has ever tried to apply discount frontline to a large Dog knows it can be quite difficult. I have talked in the past about how essential it is to apply to distinct places on your pet to ensure an even distribution and I now want to show the best way to apply whilst keeping control over your Dog.

The problem manifests itself in the constant moving of your Dog and the refusal to simply keep still while the frontline is applied. To combat this we need a helper if at all possible. While one person keeps a tight hold on the Dogs collar and talks to it quietly the other can be applying the medicine. With a firm hold on the collar, the helper, or you needs to part the Dogs fur right down to the skin. Apply first to a point between the shoulder blades. It helps if you have already cut the top of the capsule. This will ensure the operation can be accomplished in as short a space as possible. After applying directly to the skin you then want to repeat the process further down the Dogs body. Always ensuring that the Dog does not shake or move about too much.

A few simple tips like this can make applying frontline a much easier job to accomplish. Use discount frontline as often as needed but never more than once every month. Keep a firm hold of the Dog and try to apply as quickly as possible but without rushing excessively.

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