Drixoral Availability In Future

It is almost a decade since people are using Drixoral Cold and Allergy medicine for immediate relief in symptoms of cold such sneezing, watery eyes and running nose. It has become as one of the most recommended medicine by the doctor or health care professional for the treatment of any cold allergy related symptoms.

It was being used by people from all ages from small children to 70 years old person. But starting 2010, there has been huge scarcity of the Drixoral drug in US and lately it has been discontinued in US. There are still few Canadian pharmacies which are selling the Drixoral branded medicine with another brand name Drixoral cold & sinus.

It is almost similar than that of Drixoral cold & allergy medicine though the new pill comes in green color. The ingredients used in both medicines are almost same as well and are manufactured by the same company as well.

Seeing a huge shortage of Drixoral drug, some pharmacies are trying to make more money by charging extra for the drug which is now not available in US anymore. They are importing drugs from countries like Europe, Japan etc.

But there are still few good Canadian pharmacies which are selling branded Drixoral & sinus oral tablets at reasonable rates. Now it has almost become an impossible for the people to buy Drixoral medicine without having any prescription from doctor or health care professionals.

Drixoral & Sinus medicine is not sold to people in huge quantities by pharmacies just like their successor. Moreover, FDA has also put a special warning on this drug that no household should be sold more than 2.5mg medicine per month.

Not only the pharmacies but it is also a responsibility of the people to keep buying the Drixoral cold & Sinus online from Canadian pharmacies by follow the guidelines determined by FDA and pharmacies, else a day will come that Drixoral Cold & Sinus tablets will disappear soon like Drixoral Cold & allergy medicine.