Four Parts of Medicare

As soon as you reach the age of sixty-five or older and are ready to retire, you start to give more attention to your health. You become more careful with what you eat, what you drink, and what you do. You lose the energy to perform the things you used to do when you were younger. And in cases when you are all by yourself, you worry on how you could get yourself some medication.

Well, you don’t have to be bothered anymore as there is an available health insurance for you, which will assist your medical expenses. You may apply online, which is a convenience – no need to drive yourself to the local government office and to queue in long lines for your appointment. Simply fill-out the form with the required information and wait for its approval.

Medicare has four parts, each having its own qualifications. First is the Part A or Hospital Insurance. People who are eligible are those who are aged 65 years and up (based on employment), those with disability, including those with permanent kidney failure. This pays for hospital fees and some home health care.

If you do not qualify for the hospital insurance, you can enroll for Part B or Medical Insurance by paying a monthly premium. This covers your doctor’s services and other medical supplies. You also have to pay for additional premium fees to be eligible for Plan C or Medicare Advantage and Part D or prescription drug coverage. However, if you want to gain better access on high quality healthcare, you can apply for Medicare supplements plans.

Medicare supplements plans bridge gaps between the amount paid by Medicare and the amount charged by your doctor and the hospital. With these, you also have the freedom to choose the doctor and hospital of your own choice.

So even if you have already filed for retirement or have disability, you still have the capability to decide on where and how to get the best medical treatment for you. Choose among the four Medicare parts or apply for Medicare supplements of your choice.