Healthcare Social Media

Healthcare Social Media is becoming a greatly larger field as the information age takes over the internet. People are using Social Media to ask for advice when it comes to things such as pregnancy, certain illnesses and specific remedies. Of course Healthcare Social Media will never replace the importance of a doctor, but it is nice to have an aide or the worldwide internet to surf and explore certain illnesses or maladies.

Mobile Applications. In the past five years Healthcare Social Media has become even more important as people are looking to mobile apps to diagnose their sicknesses or find a helpful resource nearby. This revolution is being called mobile health or mHealth and shows the transition of Healthcare onto the media platform. Certain websites have already created mobile apps that are for sale on the iTunes Apple Store. An approved mobile app with great resources should be complimented by a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, or other Healthcare Social Media device. Once these Healthcare Social Media channels have been developed, people are more likely to recognize the name of your healthcare institution and trust your brand. Healthcare Social Media can be used in the same technique that creates good PR for your company. It is a platform to write whatever you want about the subject and to put information out there that people can trust.

In order to gain the trust of potential investors, here are a few ideas you can use on your Healthcare Social Media Platform:

*Youtube: Post videos of reputable doctors discussing different diseases and how your resources can cure or help.

*Blog: write about cures to remedies or maladies and post some tips for avoiding symptoms of certain sicknesses. For example, a cold in the winter or heatstroke in the summer.

*Facebook: Post articles from your blog and ask questions to your fans. Quick tips on staying cool during the most recent heat wave may be helpful too!

*Twitter: Link to your blog and interact with your followers! Answer their questions and ask them questions.

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