Internal Medicine – Discover What It’s All About

When someone works in the field of internal medicine, this means he or he focuses on conditions in the adult human body. This type of doctor is responsible for not only diagnosing particular medical problems, but also treating and preventing them.

Since internal medicine is a broad field that covers everything from organs such as the lungs, skin and heart to general systems in the body such as the respiratory and circulatory systems. You may notice people refer to these doctors as interns or internists, but this does not mean they are still getting training. This is just a common term used for these types of physicians. Also, an internist is considered the -go-to- doctor for other physicians. That’s because a general practitioner or another type of doctor may request the help of an internist when trying to figure out a complex issue with a patient. Explore other details about this area of study and if it’s right for you.


When deciding to go to school in internal medicine, you will be concentrating on preventing and treating conditions and diseases in adults. Be prepared to endure approximately seven or eight years of school or more depending on whether you decide to go straight through. In addition, you will need to be prepared for getting residency training as well as pass an exam in order to be board certified in the field. Furthermore, this test is specific to your state so be sure you know where you want to practice and get licensed there.


Since there are so many areas in which one can study internal medicine, it is essential to work in a specialty or particular area. For instance, some doctors decide to focus mainly on all things that deal with the reproductive system. Although he or she is knowledgeable in all parts of the field, there comes a time when this person chooses a niche. By doing so, they can really delve into and learn every detail about a particular area of study. So if a patient is having a problem with reproductive organs, then it would be in their best interest to see a reproductive specialist. Or, if someone is having heart trouble, they would want to see a cardiologist. A cardiologist’s job is to handle all issues and conditions regarding the heart as well as blood vessels and overall circulation of blood within the body. This is known as the cardiology field, which is a specialization within internal medicine.

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