Is Satin Drugs As Good As Alternative Methods For Treating High Cholesterol

Changes happen in lifestyle along with medicines, statin drugs lowers blood cholesterol to some extent and it is found that fish oil and red yeast rice lowers cholesterol more effectively than drugs. Cardiovascular disease can also treated by alternative treatments.

Cholesterol production is caused by the secretion of enzyme HMG-CoA reductase which is caused by the drug called Statins. In recent times it is found that the cholesterol level cannot be lowered by only using the statins drugs.

In one study, 74 people with high cholesterol, but without a confirmed diagnosis of heart disease, were given one of the two treatments: statin treatment and an alternative treatment involving red yeast rice and fish oil.

Within a span of three months, the groups which were given alternative medicine were found of reduction 42.4% while compared to 39.6% to the statins. Triglycerides were found to drop by 29% by using alternative group and 9% drop by statin group. Anti-inflammatory effect of statins causes reduction in cardiovascular risk ahead of their effect on blood cholesterol levels.

-Fish oil contains Omega-3, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is known for its efficacy in lowering triglyceride, thereby reducing inflammation and stabilizing heart rhythm.

About 10 to 15 mg of Lovastatin are supplied by red yeast rice without side effects associated with synthetic stains. Monascus purpureus, is the yeast produced by red yeast rice. Analysis shows that Lovastatin, a statin drug, and monacolin K in Monascus are identical chemically.

Synthetic statins cause muscle pain and damage among other side effects. Natural statins produce similar side effects at times, but are mostly connected to some uncommon genetic profile.

The only thing that feels sad is that the alternative medicine is not supported by the mainstream research. Alternative medicines are natural and are non-patentable. So, no money is made as it is not patentable. So, it is very difficult to get a fund of one million dollar approval as there is no money made out of it. This is one of the main affairs in the allopathic treatment.

It involves whole body and treats the whole cause of the disease other than providing temporary relief. Alternative medicine has a different approach to treatments.

With the modification in the lifestyle, cholesterol treatment is effective only by natural medicine. It is the common herbs and foods found in our kitchen have medicinal values. We should minimize the intake of sugars and carbohydrates and do exercise regularly.

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