The Big Benefit Of Laugh To Health Care

As the saying goes that laughing once a day, you will be younger ten years and laughing ten times, you will be healthier. These words were said that “smile” is beneficial to the body. Though there is a little exaggeration, it contains a certain scientific reason. As we all know, a good Health Care way is smile. It is an exotic flower in the health.

Similarly, now many countries in the world, such as India, Germany, the United States, France, Britain and Sweden all have a “smile” health care. It is said that there are more 5,000 laughter institutions all over the world, for example, “funny, laughter schools”, “laughter clubs”, “laughter festival”, “laughter chorus” and so on. All are named different names. They are all with different names, however, their aims are the same one “smile”.

Various smile ways

Ways of “Smile” is emerges one after another incessantly, disguises the old as the new. Some referred cases are as followings. In our country, listening crosstalk often cause us laughter. You will laugh loud after seeing witty skits or comedy. And also you will smile silently when you are reading funny cartoons.

That tens of persons stand in a straight line and sound loud to the mountains is very common abroad. Or, some people imitate the hen chuck, and slowly. And a group of people make some funny look in a ring according to their own opinion.

The advantages of smile

Medical experts confirmed that the benefits of smile are as followings:

1 Smile can let you feel less tired. And if you smile one minute, your whole body can relax 47 minutes.

2 sincere smiles from the bottom of your heart can promote appetite, improve sleep and refresh brain.

3 Smile can accelerate the flow of blood, lower blood pressure, strengthen cardiac function and improve blood circulation.

4 Big laugh can stimulate the brain releases endorphin which is similar to a kind of morphine anesthesia. These can lighten pains on back, head and chest, and produce happy feeling to make the person feel comfortable.

5 Big laugh can exploit our right brain, so we have more creative thinking. It can develop the perception, memory, imagination, thinking and will, etc. These psychological activities are helpful to our brain.

Every thing has a degree, so smile is.

Many old people suffer from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and atherosclerosis disease. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases may attack your body after laugh too much. Different emotions will disorder the balanced status in our body if we have some drastic emotions. When gastric ulcer, big laughter can make the nerve excitement and cause stomach acid secretion increased. Duodenal ulcer will be caused easily.

Japanese critic West Road, who study “smile function” specially, advised the infuriating children to learn to laugh according to Japanese education mode of worsening phenomenon. He pointed out that laugh not only can bring people energetic, but also can reduce dissatisfaction and improve the patient’s personality.

Medical community has pay attention to the laugh benefit. And even some students who refused to go to school return to school only because they laugh usually.