The Process Of Yuko Hair Straightening.

The Yuko Hair Straightening system has been a huge hit all over the world. Lots of women are turning to the treatment to tame their unruly locks and save themselves time in the morning. The revolutionary Yuko system not only straightens naturally or artificially curly hair but it can actually turn damaged hair back into healthy hair by restoring essential nutrients to the hair follicles. The result is beautifully smooth, silky and most importantly manageable hair that shines with health. Our hair can say a lot about us as a person and it is important to take pride in its appearance. If your hair is suffering from years of heat styling or chemical abuse leaving it looking less than lack lustre, then the Yuko Hair Straightening system could be the perfect solution to your hair worries.

The Yuko way of straightening sounds almost too good to be true, so how does it actually work? Well, firstly the entire process will take between 3-4 hours depending on the density of the hair. The process of straightening can only take place at a salon by a stylist who has been fully trained in the Yuko hair straightening system so you can be 100% confident that the treatment will be done both safely and successfully. Prior to the treatment you will need to undergo a consultation with a trained stylist to establish whether the treatment is suitable for your hair type and lifestyle. If the stylist gives the go ahead then the straightening process can begin.

Basically the Yuko process involves the careful severing and reconstruction of the bonds within the bone of the hair so that the shape and texture of the hair shaft is altered. Firstly the hair is washed and then sprayed with pH balanced hair water which prepares the hair to accept the neutralising solution. Then a pre-treatment protection is applied to the hair to prevent it being damaged. The first chemical applied to the hair shaft softens it and makes each strand more stretchy and more susceptible to shape-changing. The neutraliser is then washed out and the hair is rinsed through with hair water. Now very small sections of the hair are straightened with special hair irons. The flat irons activate the collagen and keratin and dry the hair in the process. This can take around two hours for medium length hair and involves a lot of steam! Another chemical is applied which sets the hair in its current shape- completely straight and smooth. This is left on for approximately 15 minutes before it is rinsed off and yet more hair water is sprayed through the hair. The final stage of the process is to blow dry the hair and to quickly smooth the hair straightners through the hair to leave it glossy, sleek and perfectly straight.

This may sound like a rather time-consuming process but the results are well-worth it. You are left with beautifully healthy hair that requires little maintenance at home and saves you hours of styling time that can then be spent doing some of lifes more interesting activities. The treatment can last up to 12 months, so in some cases you can enjoy a whole year of fuss-free hair styling. You may also find that after continued treatments that your hair becomes less wavy over time as it is trained into a straight and smooth style. The Yuko Hair Straightening system is a revolutionary treatment for women and men all over the world and can give you the hair that you have always wanted.